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4 Helpful Hints to Find the Right Pet Boarding Service Provider in Chapel Hill NC

There are certain trips that we make in our lives where we cannot bring our pet with us and it would be best for them to be left with people who are capable of caring for them until you return. If you cannot entrust your cat or dog to a friend, family member, or your neighbor, consider bringing him to a pet boarding service provider in Chapel Hill NC. That way, you can be sure that a qualified team will be there to look after your pet in a safe and secure environment that is well-equipped for cats and dogs. Find the right pet boarding service by considering these tips:

    1. Go for a family-owned and operated facility – When the pet boarding service is personally operated by its owners, it is more likely to provide personalized and better-quality care for pets. Verify that the owners are responsible pet owners who have their own cats and dogs, too, so you can be sure that they are qualified to care for your pet and you will feel confident in leaving your pet under their care.
    1. Tour the facility – Set an appointment with the pet boarding service in Chapel Hill NC to explore their facility. This way, you can determine if the property is clean and well-appointed for cats and dogs, with separate areas for both animals. There should be a lot of room for pets to play, comfortable places for pets to sleep, and a dedicated area where animals can feed. Some of the best pet boarding services have an on-site generator in case of a power outage.
    1. Go for a service that cares about your pet as an individual – A good pet boarding service takes time to get to know your dog or cat to identify any special needs, like physical limitations, mental conditions, or a special diet, and they will make sure to provide everything your pet will need to keep him comfortable. If your pet has a special toy that he loves, bring it to the pet boarding facility in Chapel Hill NC, too, so the staff can let him play with it.
    1. Make sure it is highly recommended by pet lovers – Look for customer feedback to verify the reputation of the pet boarding service.