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5 Habits Helping Your Dog Stay Healthy

The lifespan of a dog may not be as long as a human’s, but there are things you can do to make sure that yours will live a healthy and happy life. Just like humans, dogs need to watch what they eat, maintain a healthy weight, be clean and well-groomed, and live in a safe and stress-free environment. Certain professionals such as the veterinarian and a dog grooming expert in Chapel Hill NC can be your partners in ensuring your dog’s overall health and well-being!

However, you should also do your part in making sure that your dog stays healthy. By knowing and practicing these five habits, you could help your dog become happy, too:

  1. Feed responsibly and nutritiously

Make sure your dog is eating the right type and amount of food to maintain a healthy weight and prevent problems such as obesity and other illnesses that could shorten their lifespan. Your veterinarian can make recommendations. You should also ensure that your dog is properly hydrated, and be mindful of the amount of treats you give.

  1. Stay clean

Grooming is an essential habit that will help keep your dog healthy and happy. It’s a good chance to identify any problems on your pet’s skin or fur, or to check for bumps and lumps. So, it might be a good idea to bring them to a dog grooming service in Chapel Hill NC from time to time. The groomer will give your dog a refreshing bath, treat for fleas and ear mites, and trim the nails.

  1. Exercise

Take your dog out for regular walks or hikes. Play fetch and go swimming together when you can. Frequent play and exercise keep dogs physically fit and active. You might want to introduce new walking routes to your dog, too, so you can expose them to new smells and sceneries to mentally stimulate them.

  1. Pampering

Some dog grooming services in Chapel Hill NC can also offer some papering for your pooch. They will make sure that your dog isn’t stressed while being groomed. Of course, you should also take time to pamper your pet and shower them with more love and attention at home. Belly rubs, petting, cuddles, and brushing lets you bond with your dog more, too.

  1. Regular checkups

Don’t skip vet check-ups every year. Only a vet can properly perform health screening and a wellness exam, which can be helpful in early detection and treatment of health problems.