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5 Things You Better Know Before Taking Dog Grooming Services in Chapel Hill NC

Depending on its breed, type of coat, and hair length, a pet needs dog grooming service in Chapel Hill NC about once a month. Grooming is not just for aesthetic purposes—it is also vital to health maintenance. For your beloved pet to enjoy a stress-free, pleasant, and complete grooming experience, you should make sure that the dog grooming service in Chapel Hill NC can provide the following:

  • An expert groomer: – Entrust your pet only to someone who has extensive experience in handling different kinds and sizes of dogs. Before doing anything to your pet, the expert groomer must assess its condition and list the services it needs.
  • Inspection of skin and coat: – The groomer must provide thoroughly check the state of the skin and coat of the dog. Parasites and other insects are not always obvious; they may live and hide under the furry coat of your pet.
  • Clean facilities: – The dog grooming service in Chapel Hill NC must always keep its facilities clean to prevent contamination. Your pet must be assured of a stress-free and distraction-free environment so that it doesn’t feel anxious while being bathed and groomed.
  • Proper equipment: – The dog grooming service must have all the tools and equipment needed to take care of your dog. All the parts of the dog must be evaluated; the hair length must be checked and cut appropriately. The nails must be trimmed, and the ears must also be inspected and cleaned. Any parasites must be removed to prevent illness and diseases.

A dog must be relaxed throughout the whole process so that all the procedures can be done quickly and properly. You can stay with Country Inn Kennel and Cattery to get the best dog grooming service in Chapel Hill NC and get more service .