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5 Tips to Care for Your Furry Pals during Monsoon

Rainy seasons are the most awaited season across the world. Though the season tends to lower down the temperature and enhances our mood, it presents a set of challenges for pet owners. Pets may face issues like skin allergies, inflammation, or parasitic infestations during monsoon. Even the sounds of thunder can bother some of our furry pals. Though it is a cause of concern, you don’t have to worry anymore. Go through the following pet care tips to ensure your dog is hale and hearty during this season:

  1. Indoor activities

The onset of the monsoon brings a halt to the outdoor activities of your canine. However, you can keep your pet entertained indoors. If you reside in an apartment building, let your dog run up and down the stairs.  Likewise, indulge with them in indoor games like tug of war or hide and seek.

  1. Fresh drinking water

Dogs are more susceptible to water-borne diseases in the monsoon season. You have to protect them from diarrhea and other stomach ailments. So, make sure they eat fresh food and drink clean water in an adequate amount. Some pet owners offer boiled drinking water to their furry friends during this season.

  1. Pet grooming

During monsoons, the humidity is often high. In moist environment, your dog’s fur may become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. The best way to fight monsoon-related illnesses and parasite attacks is to maintain a regular deworming and grooming schedule. Take your pet to a professional pet grooming Chapel Hill facility for proper care!

  1. Keep dry

During monsoon, the moisture content in the atmosphere is high. Even if it’s not raining, your pet’s fur may get damp when they go for a walk. So, after every walk, pat your dog dry with a towel. Also, make sure the pet bed is clean, dry, warm, and far from any windows that can catch mist from the rain.

  1. Close watch

Most of the pets experience uneasiness due to the loud thundering and flashes of lightning. See how your canine reacts in such a scenario. Allow your dog to run around and find a place to feel safe. Engage your pet with an activity it enjoys, like grooming or playing games. The key is to keep them busy and comfortable so that the climatic conditions don’t influence them.

Today, many interactive games and pet toys are available in the marketplace. These products aim to keep your dog mentally stimulated and well-occupied. For more suggestions on pet care and efficient services, contact a reputed pet grooming Chapel Hill center!