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Beneficial Advice About Dog Grooming in Chapel Hill

Responsible dog care starts with nutrition and basic grooming. Even though it may seem like your dog knows how to self-groom, they also need some tending to, especially when it comes to things that they can’t take care of themselves. Apart from regularly taking your pooch to a dog grooming Chapel Hill center, establishing a routine at home is also important in order to keep their health in check.

Here are some useful advice to remember as you go about daily grooming for your pet dog:

  • Brushing your dog’s coat or hair is an important part of dog care routine. Remember that every dog is different and has different needs. Shorter coats do not require as frequent a-brushing as longer coats, which often need daily attention. Buy a rubber and a bristle brush for smooth short coats, but if your dog has a short, dense coat, a slicker brush is a better choice, followed by several passes of a bristle brush. For long coats, a slicker brush is best for removing tangles. Remember to be gentle when addressing tangles and make sure to remove them before following through with a bristle brush.

  • Bathe your dog as often as it needs to be bathed. Observe how frequent you need to give them a wash, depending on their activities as well as the weather where you live. Use a gentle dog shampoo to avoid ay skin irritation and be sure to check areas like the ears and feet, where dirt and debris tend to collect. Bathing and brushing sessions are also the best time to check for any abnormalities on your dog’s skin and anatomy. Consult your vet for any suspicious scratches, bumps, and wounds/bleeding.

  • Try pet-safe dental products to help clean your dog’s teeth and mouth. Dog grooming Chapel Hill centers are also great places to get recommendations for good grooming and hygiene products you can use on your pet.