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Cat Boarding Centers and Their Day-to-Day Activities

Travelling can be very stressful for pets—and even more so for cats. Felines in general don’t like being separated from their humans, and they don’t like being left home alone for long periods of time. So if you plan on going away on a vacation or road trip in a few weeks, it might be best to start looking at cat boarding centers as early as now. Pet boarding centers are like hotels for pets—they provide great environments and 24/7 care for your furry baby so you can enjoy your holiday without worries.

The best cat boarding center in Chapel Hill offers the most competitive (and probably lowest) price in the city. They understand that leaving behind your beloved pet is stressful on you and your cat, which is why they assure their customers that their adorable pets will be lovingly cared for, just like at home.

Their rooms are temperature-controlled. Your cat will be placed in a spacious 3 x 3 x 4 feet suite that is guaranteed squeaky clean and comfortable. If you have two cats, they can even share the same suite. If your cute felines have special diets, favorite meals, or medications, the caretakers will gladly accommodate their preferences, although you can also choose to feed your pet their in-house pet food (no extra charge). They may also administer medications free of charge, as long as there are clear instructions from the veterinarian and vaccination records.

You will quickly see that the environment in Chapel Hill’s best cat boarding center is not only clean, caring, and safe—it’s also fun. The staff can provide 20 to 30 minutes of individual playtime for your cats so that they can get exercise and entertainment. From the moment, you leave your pets to the day you return for them, they will never feel lonely.