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Why Cat Grooming Service is Gaining Popularity Nowadays

Whatever the breed—whether long or short haired—cats get a heap of benefits from grooming and having their fur trimmed and fixed up once in a while. Contrary to popular belief, cats also love the water. In fact, baths are essential for a cat’s overall health and wellbeing.

Grooming helps distribute the natural oils present on your cat’s skin and fur, which moisturizes and keeps them healthy. It also helps in keeping the coat tangle free and prevents the fur from matting out—which is especially necessary for long haired cats. Regular grooming likewise presents a good opportunity to check for fleas and ticks and provide early remedy in case of the start of an infestation. Well groomed cats also get fewer cases of hairballs, and ears and skin problems can be immediately detected and addressed.

Yes—cats can take baths. However, it is just important to keep a few things in mind to ensure a pleasant bathing experience for them. Firstly, the groomers use nice warm water, which cats absolutely love. The cat is slowly eased into the warm tub until settled and comfortable, and then lathered with a natural, chemical free feline shampoo solution. Rinsing is done by gently pouring bathwater over the cat.  To dry off, a quiet low volume, hair dryer is used to prevent anxiety for the feline. Your cat’s coat can then be trimmed off by a professional groomer who is capable of working with any breed cat and is trained to can cut fur to whatever style you please. Extreme care is taken to ensure that the whole experience will not traumatize your pet, and that grooming becomes a pleasurable habit your cat will enjoy.

Besides the cosmetic appeal, grooming can also improve your cat’s overall health. Bring your cat in for a grooming today, and see the difference it makes.