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When Should Cats and Dogs Be Trained?

Leaving your dog in a safe and spacious Chapel Hill kennel is never a bad idea unless it is untrained. An untrained pup can cause trouble when left with other dogs, showing aggression, non-stop barking, and leash-pulling. Luckily, you can quickly address these behaviors with basic training.

  • Take better control

Even the simplest of commands, such as “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it,” can help you gain better control of your dog. These skills are essential when you’re in public. It preventsyour dog from barking at people and chasing fellow dogs at a Chapel Hill kennel.

However, the main benefit of dog training is that it can save a life. For example, teaching your pup not to pull on its leash will prevent it from running into oncoming traffic.  

  • Provide stimulation 

Dogs require exercise just like us.  Not only that. They also require mental stimulation, lowering their stress, improving mental stamina, and introducing healthy behaviors. 

Obedience training is necessary to keep your dog’s mind in its best shape. In addition, dogs’ brains are wired to appreciate their rewards only when they’ve “earned” them, so prepare their favorite treats during training. 

  • Develop a stronger bond

Self-training your pets instead of hiring a professional trainer can strengthen your bond. Teaching basic commands like sitting and staying doesn’t require an expert — just a pack of your pup’s favorite snack. 

Obedience training, when done right, will encourage your dog to pay attention to you, reducing their stress and increasing their confidence. 

But what about cats? Contrary to popular belief, cats can also be trained to follow simple commands. Like dogs, they learn by association, and treats are their biggest motivators. Overall, training your cat can provide the necessary social enrichment, prevent boredom, and improve your relationship.

Going on a vacation soon? Don’t forget to train your dog before leaving them in a Chapel Hill kennel to ensure their good behavior while you’re away.