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Chapel Hill Dog Boarding: How to Find the Best Temporary Home for Your Pet

Every dog wants to stay around their owner, but it isn’t possible due to particular circumstances. Because you might go for a vacation, business tour, or stay in a hospital for some health issues. Whatever the reason, leaving your pet with your family or friends doesn’t always make sense. Nowadays, a kennel stay at Chapel Hill dog boarding offers a resort- or camp-like experience for pets. You will find comfortable beds, pet-friendly TV shows, and other amenities in these temporary homes. Hence, it is a fabulous idea to send your pooch to a dog boarding with excellent services. Let’s discuss a few points that you should consider to find the best boarding facility in Chapel Hill.

  • Facilities

Begin your investigation of any new boarding facility by asking for vaccinations. The boarding home should keep appropriate vaccinations for all dogs. Also, please speak to the staff members about how they handle medical emergencies. Check whether the kennel has a veterinarian on call facility, or are pets taken for treatment elsewhere if they fall sick or get injured?

  • Physical layout

Look for a well-ventilated Chapel Hill dog boarding, which is regularly sanitized and encourages free airflow preventing odors. In a pleasant setting,  dogs should have a separate place to lie down, either on a raised bed or on clean, soft linen. Ask for a tour of the facilities so that you can evaluate the overall cleanliness and comfort of the pets currently on board. If the management hesitates or refuses to do so, walk away.

  • Interaction and oversight

A successful boarding facility can provide dogs with opportunities to engage both mind and body. They will keep the pet occupied in different activities like food puzzles, hikes, and playtime with staff and other pets. If your dog is mainly oriented towards humans, you can ask the kennel staff to provide individual care. Speak to the staff regarding the types of interaction your pooch will get during the day. Also, inquire about the pet facility available at night.

So, you need to explore and visit personally to find the best temporary home for your pet. Eventually, look for a well-equipped Chapel Hill Dog Boarding that provides plenty of room to play and run during their stay. A right boarding center takes away your stress and ensures that your furry friend has a beautiful experience.