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How to Choose A Good Cat Boarding Service Provider in Chapel Hill NC

A cat can be a very complex creature. You can’t leave it with a just anyone—you need professionals who know how to handle feline pets and keep them calm and happy while their humans are away. It’s important to find cat boarding services that can meet the quality of care that your cat needs.

Here are some things to look for when choosing a boarding service:

  1. Temperature-controlled areas –

Cats are very sensitive to temperature. They will look for places that can give them warmth when they rest or sleep. The boarding facility must house your cats in a building where the temperature is regulated.

  1. Electrical backup –

There should be caretakers watching over your pets 24/7—which means that the electricity should be working throughout the day. In cases when power failures occur, the best cat boarding services employ backup generators. They are well-prepared for emergencies.

  1. The right size –

Cats need to move around. They should be given enough space to walk, run and climb. You want a facility that is designed for the comfort of your beloved feline friend. Check the suites yourself so you can see firsthand where your cat will stay while you are away.

  1. Caring staff –

When you drop by for an initial visit, walk around and observe how the staff treats the animals left in their care. Are the other cats calm or anxious? Facilities that are family-owned are oftentimes able to provide truly caring cat boarding services because they are well-supervised. They employ pet lovers like yourself—people who are passionate about the comfort and wellbeing of cats left with them.

  1. Competitive price –

The costs of cat boarding services in the Chapel Hill NC area vary, and a higher price is not always an indicator of better service. Some of the best pert hotels offer overnight boarding at affordable rates. Do you have two cats who get along? They may be able to stay in the same suite to cut costs.