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Choosing the Right Dog Boarding Services in Chapel Hill NC for Your Dog

Pet boarding has soared in popularity over the years as more and more pet owners struggle to find a place to leave their pets whenever they travel or have to be away from home for a significant period. Because it isn’t always possible to take your beloved pet with you everywhere, dog boarding in Chapel Hill NC provides a great option to ensure that they will be left in good hands while you are away. Whether it be for a business trip, a vacation, a home renovation, or perhaps hospitalization, dog boarding kennels make for excellent alternatives to home, especially when you don’t have anyone you can trust to keep watch of your pet in your absence. The question remains, which dog boarding kennel should you choose for your pet?

When looking for dog boarding in Chapel Hill NC, take time to visit facilities to inspect and speak with the staff. You want the facility to be clean, safe, and manned by people who know about dogs and how to properly care for them. The best kennels are those that are run by caretakers who are knowledgeable and experienced in handling pet animals.

You may also want to take a look at the facility’s outdoor play area or any other area designated for play and socialization. Daily exercise is important for dogs, as this helps them expend energy and keep their body healthy and active. Evaluate the security and ask how many people are in charge at any given time. An undermanned facility may be a safety risk for your pet, especially when you have a dog that tends to wander. Ask about the facility’s policies when it comes to vaccinations. A dog boarding facility that requires vaccination certificates shows that they care about the prevention of disease among their animal residents.