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The Complete Guide on How to Groom a Dog

Regardless of your dog’s breed or size, proper grooming must be mandatory to ensure their health and well-being. Dog grooming professionals in Chapel Hill recommend routine grooming for a tangle-free and healthy coat and to prevent skin issues and parasites. It’s also a chance to check for problems that could impact your fur baby’s well-being and lifespan, and of course, an opportunity to bond with them. If you prefer DIY grooming, then this guide is for you!

All dogs deserve grooming

Take note that even dogs with low-maintenance or short coats will still need to be groomed. They require nail-trimming, bathing, and brushing. If your dog has a longer coat, regular or seasonal hair trimming or clipping may be necessary. You have the option to bring your dog to a professional dog groomer or you can do it yourself.

Start ‘em young

Teach your dog to enjoy dog grooming in Chapel Hill. It’s best to start when your dog is still a puppy. That way, they won’t be any trouble when you bring them to a groomer or when you have to do the grooming yourself.

Brush regularly to prevent matting

Brushing isn’t just necessary to prevent tangles. It prevents your dog’s coat from becoming matted. Matting can be painful for dogs because it irritates them. Your dog may lick or bite the matted parts and cause skin infections. Moreover, foreign objects could hide in the matted coat. Dog grooming professionals in Chapel Hill also recommend brushing to keep the coat glossy and healthy-looking. Long-haired breeds may require brushing at least once a week or every other day while short-haired breeds may be brushed every other week.

Clip the nails

If your dog’s nails start clicking against hard floors, that’s your cue to trim them. Overly long nails are uncomfortable and can cause injury to themselves, other animals, and humans. If you’re having trouble trimming your dog’s nails, consider taking them to a facility that offers dog grooming in Chapel Hill for a worry-free experience.