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Dog Grooming in Chapel Hill, NC: Keep Your Lovely Pet Active and Healthy

While at-home grooming is an important bonding routine for dog and master, bringing your pet to a facility for some professional dog grooming is also ideal to ensure their health and allow a more trained eye to look into your pet’s overall hygiene and health condition. Dog grooming Chapel Hill NC is highly recommended for your pet and there are many qualified service providers that you can turn to if you want to make sure that your dog is properly groomed.

There are many obvious reasons why you should groom your pet on a regular basis. Not only does routine grooming keep their skin clean and healthy—it also allows you to visually check for any skin irritations or perhaps injury that may be causing your beloved pooch discomfort. Routine grooming is also great for a dog’s health, especially when thorough brushing of their coat is a part of your daily grooming session. Brushing your pet’s coat not only promotes blood circulation but also aerates their skin and helps encourage healthier hair growth. Brushing also keeps oil levels down, preventing their sebaceous glands from producing excessive amount of grease, that may cause blocked skin pores, that further develop into painful cysts.

Bringing your dog to a professional dog grooming Chapel Hill NC service is also ideal as professionals are equipped with more advanced grooming supplies. Not only this, they are also more skilled in handling these tools as well as keeping your pet relaxed and well behaved through the grooming process. This allows them to tackle grooming areas that you may have missed because of fear of hurting your pet. A grooming specialist will also have more knowledge as to the signs of health problems and injuries that may get past your eyes, such as lumps, rashes, bleeding, skin discoloration, and other such abnormalities or perhaps early warning signs of disease, so you can have your pet checked right away to ensure their health.