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Why Dog Grooming Is Growing In Popularity These Days

Many pet owners go to great lengths to ensure that their dogs have a comfortable place to stay and the best food. However, many owners fail to notice the fact that grooming is equally important. A regular bath is quite different from grooming. Regular grooming helps to keep the dog in high spirits, in addition to identifying skin and health issues. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and can prevent behavior issues in the dog, improving its socializing traits and relation with its owner. Here are a few compelling reasons for grooming your dog regularly.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and can reflect the state of heath

A dog’s skin can reflect the state of its health in many instances, and it is best to take a look periodically. By grooming a dog periodically it is easy to spot issues which can be treated in the early stages itself. Any odor, or change in the skin color can be an indication of some other underlying problem. Grooming helps to identify these issues and sort them out in the initial stages itself.

Sense of overall well being

Dogs can get irritated and display troubled behavior if skin problems persist. For instance, a dog that has a nagging itch will constantly spend most of its time trying to scratch itself or reach the offending itch.  This can result in slight changes in behavior.  A well-groomed dog will bond better with its masters, and socialize better. It is important to ensure that the dog is not infested with fleas or ticks make its routine miserable. A clean and healthy dog sleeps better, making it more alert when doubling up as a guard dog.

A regular bath is not the only grooming activity

Many owners seem to wrongly interpret grooming as a mere bath.  Grooming involves a lot of cleaning activity, especially inside the ears and its paws. Cleaning out wax and checking for infections or foul odor is important to ensure that the dog feels healthy and happy.  Ear wax that accumulates can be a source of great irritation to the pet when dirt collects with the wax. The chances of an infection are also high, if left unchecked. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that ear wax is cleaned periodically without injuring the ear.

Professional handling of pets during grooming

It is important to get the dog groomed professionally. Accessories, dusting powders, shampoos, cleansers, etc. need to be chosen with great care. The wrong accessories may end up being painful for the pet. Similarly, the right powders and shampoos will help the dog to enjoy the experience rather than dread it and avoid it the next time. A professional groomer understands the needs and instincts of dogs, reading the cues and handling appropriately.

A well-groomed dog is definitely better to have in the house than a sulking or irritated dog. The overall sense of well-being of the dog and the owners will greatly improve with a wonderfully smelling and happy dog.