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Dog Grooming: Vital Steps in Maintaining Your Pet’s Hygiene

Pets are family. You give them the same amount of love and care as you would provide for your own child. And just like humans, they deserve proper grooming, too. Here are some tips on maintaining your dog’s hygiene:

1. Give them regular baths.

Brush their coat beforehand to get rid of dirt, dead hair and skin. Make sure to use the proper brushes. A rubber brush is appropriate for removing dirt and dead skin while a bristle brush is better for eliminating dead hair and mats.

Make sure to secure your pet’s footing using a rubber mat. Use a gentle shampoo and massage your pet from head to tail. Use a spray hose to thoroughly rinse the coat. After bathing, dry your dog with a large towel. You can also use a blow dryer, but keep track on the level of heat.

2. Grind—don’t cut—their nails.

Not all pets are used to having their nails trimmed, which is why they often make a fuss when you start cutting their nails. To be safe, grind them instead. Begin by ensuring that they feel relaxed with a gentle foot massage. Give them food treats and praises every now and then as well. Grinding is better than cutting as it ensures that the vein that runs underneath the nail is never accidentally cut, therefore preventing bleeding.

3. Frequently brush the coat.

This depends on the breed. If your pet has a short coat (like Chihuahuas do), brushing once a week is sufficient. If your dog has a long coat, they need to be brushed daily to prevent tangles and matting. You can also take your furry friend to the nearest pet grooming center every now and then for some expert-level pampering.