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How Dogs Can Positively Affect the Happiness and Health of Human Beings

Do you feel happy when you see a puppy running around the park or a picture of a cute dog on Instagram? You are not alone. Dogs are scientifically proven to be great human companions. They enhancing one’s mental wellbeing and physical health.

There’s extensive research regarding the positive effect of dogs on human beings. For example, one study by BarkBox revealed that 71% of pet owners grew happier after getting a puppy, while 54% became more patient, 52% more responsible, and 47% more affectionate.

Another study by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology states that “pet owners exhibit greater self-esteem, conscientiousness, and physical wellness.” You may be wondering: How is this possible?


Dogs need exercise just as humans do. So if you’re having trouble sticking to a routine, an energetic pup can provide the motivation you need! A daily walk in the park with your furry friend can help your body release more endorphins, making you feel happy and increasing your vitamin D intake.


Did you know that simply spending time with your dog can improve your mental health? Research states that small interactions with a pet can cause your brain to produce oxytocin, a chemical that increases relaxation, trust, and empathy. Oxytocin production leads to a decrease in  stress and anxiety, and makes you feel more happy.


Dogs can be trained to do more than just sit and roll over. Emotional support animals are becoming more common, providing support to those with physical, sensory, and mental disabilities. Also known as service dogs, these pets are trained to stabilize intense emotions and calm anxiety, helping you feel safer, loved, and supported.

Don’t want to leave your dog at home while you’re away? Instead of hiring a sitter, you can send them to a Chapel Hill kennel. The best Chapel Hill kennels will allow your pet to socialize with other dogs while getting enough exercise in a supervised environment.