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A Few Doubts about Dog Kennels in Chapel Hill You Should Clarify

Is the thought of leaving your dog to a stranger making you nervous? Reliable and trustworthy dog kennels in Chapel Hill may provide a solution if you need to go on a trip and you cannot bring your canine with you. However, like any dog-lover, you might be concerned with a few things that may cause you to get worried about your dog’s welfare and safety. So, here are some of the most common doubts people have about dog kennels and boarding facilities in Chapel Hill and what you can do about them:

  • The quality of the facility – You want to make sure that your dog will be in a safe, caring, and clean environment. So, take time to schedule a visit to the dog kennel in Chapel Hill for a tour. A reputable kennel will allow you to look around without any hesitations. While looking around, take note of the facility’s cleanliness and verify if there are separate areas where your dog can play, sleep, and eat.
  • The caretakers – You will not want to leave your dog with people who are incapable or have minimal experience of taking care of dogs. So, be sure to determine who will care for your canine. A good dog kennel in Chapel Hill is family-owned and operated, with responsible and experienced dog owners looking after each dog all the time.
  • What you can bring to the kennel – The best dog kennels in Chapel Hill will allow you to bring your dog’s favorite toy. If your dog has special dietary or medical requirements, inform the staff and bring the food and medications or vitamins your canine will need while you are away. The staff will be more than willing to ensure that your dog’s daily routines will still be followed, even while under their care.
  • The activities your dog can do – Reputable dog kennels let dogs play and run around for exercise. The staff will take the time to play with your dog, too.