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How to Encourage Positive Behavior in Your Pet

Your pet may be your constant companion and friend, but you might find yourself struggling with its behavior. Perhaps it’s not obeying or listening to your commands and simply doing as it pleases. With patience and understanding, you can take steps to encourage positive behavior in your pet. This is crucial, especially when you want them to be more sociable and qualified for Chapel Hill boarding, especially when you are unavailable to look after them.

Decoding positive reinforcement


To encourage positive behavior, they must first recognize you as the leader of the pack or the ‘Alpha.’ However, it’s not uncommon for them to do things their way, which may call for punishment, but not too harshly, as that could encourage more negative behavior and trauma. Staff at a Chapel Hill kennel might also notice trauma and unusual behavior in your dog and express their concern.


Remember that fear won’t work in the long run. It’s better if you can make your dog differentiate the good from the bad, so you can also form a stronger bond.


Tips to encourage positive behavior


Some Chapel Hill boarding facilities have a well-trained staff that understands dog behavior. They can offer some tips to help encourage positive behavior in your pet. Here are some of the things you can do:


Don’t react to bad behavior.


Your dog might do something that isn’t harmful, but you can ignore it instead of giving attention. These include barking unnecessarily or too much. If your dog chews on your shoes, try not to react and avoid yelling. Do something positive instead, like giving a chew toy to give your dog some direction and reinforce positive behavior.


Challenge your canine


Dogs can get bored and do destructive things when they don’t get enough play time and stimulation. Give them a positive outlet to channel their unused energy in the best way possible. Teach them tricks, give them puzzle toys, and introduce activities that can stimulate their mind.




Spend as much time as possible with your dog, especially before and after bringing it to a Chapel Hill kennel. It also helps to bring your dog to a responsible carer at a boarding facility when you are away for a long time, so they can keep your dog sociable.