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Ensure Pet Grooming with Pet Boarding Facilities in Chapel Hills

Many people appreciate the companionship of animals especially if they are living far away from their family. Some people trust their pets like no other because of their loyalty and love. However, sometimes it is necessary to leave your pets behind when you are going away for work, leisure or other commitments. If you leave your pets alone, they suffer a lot since they do not have anyone to take care of them whether they are hungry or want to go out.

If you truly care about your pet, it is best to leave your furry friend at a reputed pet boarding facility as they can offer a professional level of care and attention to your beloved pets. This is a better option than leaving your pets alone at home or at the mercy of a neighbor, friend or distant relative.

Since your pets would need to be groomed periodically, choosing a pet boarding facility that offers pet grooming services as well is a great option. This will ensure that when you are back from work or vacation, your pet will be waiting for you bathed, groomed and happy ready to play with you instead of having matted hair housing fleas and ticks.

You can choose the type of grooming services for your pet based on its specific needs. The groomer at these pet boarding facilities would assess your pet based on its breed and the condition of its fur, nails, and skin to chart out a good grooming schedule.

These groomers are well-trained and know how to groom your pet. They will be able to bathe your pet without stressing it out. They will dry them with great care and then brush their fur to help your furry companion feel good and fresh. They will use products that are free of any harsh chemicals and good for your pet’s grooming needs.

Whether you leave your pet every day when you go to work or after a few days of travel, your pet will be happy and healthy, ready to play with you. A boarding facility with pet grooming services is where you never have to worry about them.