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Establish the Right Pet Diet Plan and Prevent Pet Obesity!

Are you the type of pet owner who gives their cat or dog a treat or food whenever they beg for it? Do you leave food out for them at all times? These behaviors might seem harmless and you might even think that you’re keeping them happy that way, but they can lead to overfeeding and result in obesity. Your vet or pet groomers in Chapel Hill may notice that your pet has become chunkier on your next visit and recommend putting your fur baby on a diet to prevent further problems!

How obesity affects pets?

Pet obesity puts your pet’s health at risk of developing heart problems, diabetes, and arthritis. If you want your pet to live the best life, consider changing feeding habits and control yourself from giving too much food whenever they beg for it. It’s also recommended to seek advice from the vet to establish the right diet plan, especially if your pet needs to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Things you can do to prevent pet obesity

  • Manage portions – Consider weighing your pet’s food before each meal.
  • Stop free-feeding – It may be convenient to keep your pet’s bowl full or make food available at all times, but that encourages them to eat anytime and overeat, which can lead to obesity.
  • Keep your pets stimulated – Pets that are bored or not getting much exercise may also tend to eat too much. So, keep them entertained by taking them outside for a walk or by giving them toys that will keep them stimulated.
  • Don’t give in when they beg – A cat or dog may bother you for treats, or wait for you to give them food when you’re eating. Tell your friends and family not to give them scraps and to limit treats, too.

Veterinarians and pet groomers in Chapel Hill can help you establish proper nutrition and diet for your cat or dog. A nutrition plan can be customized for your pet based on their health conditions, breed, age, and other important factors!