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Facilities and Amenities Offered in Pet Boarding Kennels

Before you leave your four-legged friend to a Chapel Hill pet boarding center, make sure to check their facilities. Below is the list of the amenities that boarding kennels should have and why they are important for your pet.

Spacious room for each dog

Each dog should have a room that’s more spacious and comfortable than ordinary kennels or cages. Smaller kennels are okay for pets staying for a short time, but you will want something bigger if your dog is staying a few days. A proper boarding facility can provide bigger spaces to properly accommodate pets of all sizes.

Pets often feel stressed and anxious when away from their owners. That’s why they have to be given a place where they feel safe and secure until they have adjusted to the new environment. To make them feel comfortable and happy, the best pet boarding facilities provide soft bedding, toys, and sufficient area so pets can move around and play during their stay.

Air-conditioned and heated rooms

A good Chapel Hill pet boarding has a temperature-controlled environment. They have air conditioners to keep pets cool and healthy in the summer season; especially those with thick fur who are susceptible to heat and humidity. They also have heaters to provide enough warmth to pets during the winter.

Play area

Pets need time for play, exercise, and socialization. That’s why Chapel Hill pet boarding facilities should have a play area. It should be spacious and big enough for all pets to run around and have a lot of fun.

Grooming area

Some pet boarding facilities also offer grooming as a separate service. You can use this service before getting your pet out of the boarding kennel so your dog can come home smelling happy and feeling pampered. The best grooming salons use only pet-friendly and safe products that contain no harsh chemicals.