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What Foods Should be Provided to a Dog in a Boarding Kennel?

Normally, dogs do enjoy their stay in kennels. But for some dogs, it could be a stressful experience. If it is for the first time, then they will for sure find it uncomfortable. But some of the kennels like Chapel Hill kennel will encourage the owner to bring in some familiar things that will make your dog feel more comfortable. For instance, you bring in a couple of toys, a blanket, and the bed. Most of the kennels will allow the dog owner to provide their own food. This will make your dog feel comfortable and will also settle down in the kennel.

Of course, a Chapel Hill kennel will provide food for their doggy guests. Some of them even offer a wide range of food.  If your dog is not fussy about the food, then you can opt for the kennel’s menu. But sometimes it is ideal that you provide the same food that you provide them at home. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Dogs are just like humans and might get stomach upsets if the diet is changed. If they have problems in kennels, it will feel miserable and will also stop eating. This will cause great distress to both the owner as well as the kennel owner.

  • If your little friend is anxious when it boards, it is ideal to provide it with the familiar food so that it will get settle down.

  • If your dog is fussy, then it is good to provide them with the food that you will give at home. This will relieve you from the worry whether your dog ate or not.

  • In case, your dog is on a diet, then it is not only easy but also cheap to provide your own food. Some Kennels might have that special food but it could be costly and will increase in the cost of boarding. Even if you provide your dog with your own food, but some kennels will charge for that also. In some cases, they will charge the handling charge for the food given by you.

From the above, it is ideal to provide your dog with the food that you provide at home when you leave them in a Chapel Hill kennel. You can label the food, bags, etc. with your dog name. It is ideal to use disposable containers so that you need not have to take it back. It is also ideal to provide details on the quantity of the food and the duration which will make it easy for the kennel owners.