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Health Benefits of Having a Pet

Finding a Chapel Hill dog boarding facility is one of the problems of many fur parents whenever they have to go away and leave their pet behind. Being away from their owners even for a day can be extremely stressful for dogs, especially those who are not used to long separation.

But don’t let this discourage you if you are thinking of buying or adopting a four-legged friend into your family. Having a pet, particularly a dog has significant benefits, and many of those benefits are related to health.

A study conducted by the Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International found that pet ownership can help reduce doctor visits and save you money. This is thanks to the mental, physical, emotional benefits that your pet can bring.

Stress relief

Humans can forget to greet you when you come back home, but dogs will always remember to give you a warm welcome. They will wait for you by the front door and are always excited to see you even if you’ve just been away for a few hours. You’re sure to forget about the thing you were stressing about and instantly feel recharged.

Avoid depression

Many studies have found that pet ownership boosts overall mental health. Those who have pets are less likely to get depressed. Playing with your fur baby can keep you calm and relaxed, elevating happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine.


Walking your dog in the park is not only a time for bonding but also a time for you to get moving. A 20-minute walk is a good break from working in front of your computer for hours. What’s even amazing about dogs is that they can join you during your jogs. In fact, they can join you in a wide variety of activities as well like hiking and camping. This proves that they are indeed the best companions.