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How Grooming is Important to Keep your Dog Healthy?

Perhaps the most popular and loved images of dogs would be of “happy dogs”.  Who does not want a happy dog?  Well, to keep your dog happy, you could start off with grooming. There are many ways to make and keep your dog happy, and grooming is certainly one of the most important.  A pet that is unclean and having coat issues will feel uncomfortable. You may have difficulty noticing it early on, but could end up with a lovely companion going through a very uncomfortable period. Get acquainted with three reasons behind the need for a well groomed dog.

Reason 1 – The skin and coat are the largest sensory organ of a dog

Being the largest organ, in addition to being a sensory organ, calls for the skin and coat to be cleaned and maintained.  An unhygienic skin and coat will translate into a dog that needs to scratch itself at all times to get rid of itching sensation. A pet that devotes a large part of its wakeful time to scratching tends to get irritated and have mild temperament issues. Matted hair in furry friends is a painful experience, as the dogs experience a constant tug on their skins all the time.  Regular brushing helps disentangle and shed dead hair.

Reason 2 –A dog with accumulated ear wax and restricted air circulation can have ear canker

A dog that shakes its head repeatedly is a sign of discomfort, which can turn extreme if left unattended. Unable to reach into its ears, the dog will try and use its paws and shake its head to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling.  A thorough ear cleaning sessions will help get rid of the extra wax, and clean out mites, and prevent infections.  A visible and marked difference can be seen in dogs that are freed from bad odour and infections in the ears.

Reason 3 – Grooming, as a cultivated habit is a thoroughly relaxing and rejuvenating experience

Grooming a dog from a very early stage has proved to be a very relaxing experience for the dog. The dog is free from allergies, itching, scratching, and shaking its head and from rubbing its ears on the ground.  Such dogs have a bounce in their stride, their tails wag vigorously and their eyes sparkle with contentment when in the company of their owners.  A well groomed dog will remain healthy and rejuvenated.