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How to Ensure Your Pet’s Safety at Pet Boarding Facilities?

Boarding a pet becomes inevitable at times. Due to the nature of the behavior of all pets, such as comfort in familiar surroundings and bonding with its owner, it is essential that the boarding facility does not increase stress among pets. A boarding facility, even if used for a short time, needs to be of certain standards to ensure the safety of the pet.  Let us take a closer look at some of the need-to-have and nice-to-have features in such facilities, to ensure that your pet has a comfortable stay till your return.

Foolproof fencing or walled facility to prevent getaway of boarded pets

A pet is comfortable in the presence of its owner/s and familiar surroundings. A pet takes ownership of what it considers as own territory. Taken out of its territory, a pet constantly tries to get back to its comfort zone. A pet in a boarding facility is highly likely to attempt a getaway to reach “home”. This behavior is normal among pets and will be witnessed till it becomes confident of the new location. Therefore, take a look at the facility and ascertain if the fencing is foolproof or walled to prevent unfortunate separations.

Hygiene and clearing of fecal matter

A facility is likely to house a number of pets in varying states of health. It is of paramount importance that fecal matter are cleared regularly. The hygiene of the facility will determine if your pet will walk out of the facility in good health or ill health. Look around and politely seek information regarding the measures taken for maintaining the hygiene of the facility. A well maintained and cleaned kennel will take some of your problems away.

Ability and training of staff to handle all pets

During the period that you are away, the staff of the kennel will handle your pet. It is, therefore, necessary to be certain that they are fully trained and possess the skills to interact smoothly with all pets. This will give more confidence to the pet to get accustomed to new surroundings and the new location, while reducing a certain amount of stress. The handlers need to be fully competent to handle all situations skillfully.

The bonding between a pet and its master is special. A separation will bring more stress to the pet than the owner. A pet that is housed in a kennel for any duration of time, needs to be provided with the right food, mandatory hygiene and absolutely secure surroundings.