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Know How Boarding Kennel Offers Best Hygienic Environment for Your Pet

A kennel in Chapel Hill can describe different types of shelters for dogs. Some of them are large enough made for the dogs to exercise and relieve himself and they need to be cleaned on a frequent basis to get rid of feces and urine. Some of them are smaller like crates that are normally used indoors to offer a safe place for your dog while being transported or might be used for training a dog.

While cleaning a small kennel or a larger one, there are some of the practical steps that boarding kennels take to ensure it is done well.

  • Accessories to wash

First, they get the dog out of the kennel. Find him the outdoor area or another kennel, or get him in the house while they clean the kennel. Remove water bowls, food, bedding, and toys. Clean food dishes and water as needed for air dry and material. Wash the bedding in the washing machine and clean toys when needed.

  • Remove wet down and solids

Second, they use a scoop or shovel to get rid of all the solid waste which includes feces and hair. Hose out the kennel with the help of water.

  • Disinfect

Third, they do the dilution of the water with bleach or use another disinfectant as per the instruction of a manufacturer. Spray cleaning solutions all over the surfaces of kennel in Chapel Hill and let it poured  for half an hour.

  • Do the scrubbing

Fourth, they scrub with the help of a brush. They use large broom with stiff bristles.

  • Rinse and dry

Fifth, they rinse with the help of the hose. They use hot water and allow the kennel to air dry. Replace bedding, clean bowls, and toys.

Bottom Line

Just like you enjoy the clean tidy house, so does your dog. Dog boarding facilities maintain the cleanliness s of your dog house to provide the best hygienic environment. Disinfecting and cleaning dog’s kennel in Chapel Hill even reduces the likelihood that fungi, bacteria, and parasites will take hold in the house of a dog and lead to infections.