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Know What Kind Of Services Pet Boarding Facilities Offer?

Modern day pet care centers or pet- boarding as they are popularly known, provide a wide range of services to make the dog feel at home. The owners of the pet are assured that their pet is being looked after well when they themselves are on holiday. These dog boarding houses provide your dog with a lot of space to run, play, make new contacts, and relax.

Services offered in these pet boarding include Dog Daycare & Grooming in the best of conditions. There are multi-story buildings with servants to take care of the dog, and ample space is available for your dog to run, play, make acquaintances, and enjoy. They also offer pickup and delivery services, so one cannot have to take time to pick and drop in urgency.

There are climate and temperature-controlled places so that the dog or cat does not have to face the extreme climatic changes due to weather conditions. Where they have large kennels and open grounds for dogs, they have condos for cats that cater to the needs of these feline pets.

Country Inn Kennel and Cattery offers Pet boarding Chapel Hill NC. It has a good reputation and pet owners who have entrusted their dogs and cats in their care have only praise for them. It provides 20 to 30 minutes private coaching and extra playtime with a staff member of your choice on payment of some minimum amount. For people who have two pets in the care center one gets free playtime. Grooming facilities are offered and the best of shampoos and products are used. The grooming here gives a certain peace of mind and rejuvenation to the dogs; this is obvious by the changes visible after their stay here.

Apart from the usual facilities provided there is one very important point which goes in their favor is the fact that the owners live in the same premises. This way, there cannot be any mismanagement in the execution of services.