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What to Look in A Dog Boarding Facility for Your Pet While Boarding?

Certain situations may require you to leave your dog to the care of someone trustworthy, such as when you are going on a holiday or a business trip, renovating your home, or being treated for or recuperating from an illness. Chapel Hill boarding facilities can be a better choice over hiring a pet-sitter or leaving your dog to a family member or a friend. That way, you can be sure that he will be in good hands while you are away. Finding a boarding kennel for canines can be tricky, but you can make the search easier when you consider the following things:

  • Highly recommended – Other dog lovers, veterinarians, and groomers could give you recommendations. Some groomers operate a Chapel Hill boarding kennel, too, and you might want to choose their service especially if they are trusted by a lot of locals.
  • Good services – Do your homework on the facility. Get to know the people who are operating it and make sure they are professional and caring dog lovers. You may want to consider a family-owned and operated Chapel Hill boarding service where the owners reside on the property to ensure round-the-clock care for the dogs.

  • Good reviews – Find out what other dog owners are saying about the boarding facility. This is a good way to verify the claims of the service provider about their kennel.
  • A clean and safe place – Schedule a tour to personally get to know the staff and take a good look at the facility itself. Make sure it is clean, safe, and designed specifically for dogs. Pay attention to the smell, too, as a foul-smelling kennel could mean that it is poorly maintained and unsanitary even for dogs. Reputable Chapel Hill boarding facilities have temperature-controlled settings to keep dogs comfortable, and plenty of room for canines to play and run around. In case the facility shares a cattery, make sure that the cats are separated from the dogs.