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Older Dog Health Problems – Common Health Problems Facing Senior Dogs

When dogs grow old, they become more prone to health problems. So if you’re going away for a while and you can’t bring your senior dog with you because it may be bad for their health or it’s simply not allowed, Chapel Hill pet boarding can be a great choice. Reputable pet boarding facilities have dedicated spacious and well-maintained areas for dogs to eat, sleep, play, and socialize. Their staff is friendly and well-trained, and very considerate of every dog’s special needs. So, you don’t have to worry about your senior dog while they’re checked in.

The staff at a reputable Chapel Hill pet boarding facility understands the common health problems of senior dogs. Here are some of those issues:

Vision and hearing loss

Tissues deteriorate in the eyes and ears of canines and cause different degrees of blindness and deafness in senior dogs. Conditions like cataracts and ear infections are common in older dogs.

Cognitive dysfunction

Like humans, dogs can have reduced cognitive function as they age. The symptoms are similar to Alzheimer’s or senility in humans. Dogs may become easily disoriented or confused, bark or whine for no apparent reason, or have bathroom accidents.

Joint issues

Dogs experience joint stiffness and pain due to osteoarthritis, a progressive degenerative disease without a cure, so far. But some treatments help reduce pain and its progression, such as omega-3 fatty acids. Chapel Hill pet boarding facilities are aware of this condition in senior dogs, so they are careful when allowing exercise and playtime. The staff will also consider a senior dog’s special dietary needs for joint issues.


Older dogs can develop bumps and lumps, which may not be cancerous. However, age makes them at a higher risk of cancer, so be sure to get any strange lumps checked by the vet. Regular cancer screenings and checkups could help find tumors and ensure timely treatment when possible.


Senior dogs can be less active, which could lead to weight gain. Obesity can cause heart disease and joint issues in dogs. Chapel Hill pet boarding facilities will consider your dog’s special diet to ensure that they can maintain a healthy weight and encourage them to exercise and play regularly.