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What to Pack for Your Dog’s Stay at a Boarding Kennel?

Thanks to professional boarding kennels in the Chapel hill, you can plan a holiday or business trip whenever necessary. They provide sleeping quarters, bedding, treats, and other supplies for your dog during their stay. However, pet owners are allowed to bring along a few additional items so that their furry friends enjoy the boarding experience wholeheartedly. Here are a few things you should pack in your doggy bag for his boarding stay.

  • Documents

There are a few documents you have to submit for a pet boarding. It includes medical records, proof of vaccination, contracts, and rule acknowledgment forms. Make sure you comply with all formalities and keep the document ready to present on drop off day. Contact Chapel hill boarding kennel facility, if you have any questions about a particular form.

  • Food

Like humans, dogs have specific taste buds. Many pets readily accept new foods, but some dogs have their preferences. As a pet owner, you may know the kind of food that may cause a change in appetite and upset their stomach. If you have any dietary concerns for your pet, pack enough food to last the entire duration of your dog’s stay.

  • Favorite toy

Boarding kennels arrange multiple indoor and outdoor activities for all animals in their care. They keep all sorts of playthings that keep all animals busy, active, and entertained. However, almost every pet has one or two favorite toys that they might feel comfortable with, in a new place. Whether it is a chew toy or playful item, keep their favorite things in their bag to make sure your pet feels happy and content.

  • Medicines and supplements

If your pet takes some medication or supplements daily, pack enough for their duration of stay. Inform your dog boarding facility about the number of doses your pet will need to take in your absence. Give written instructions with details such as the schedule and dosage to ensure they are not missed.

Eventually, while packing your pet’s bag for Chapel hill boarding kennel stay, you must be very thorough and organized. As a pet owner, you may know more about the habits and choices of your furry friend.Pets could be fond of some food item, water bowl, blanket, bed, or any otherthing that make their tail wag. Think of all such things and put them in their bag.