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Various Chapel Hill Dog Boarding Challenges and Remedies

June 16, 2018

As the number of pet and dog lovers in Chapel Hill increases, so does the demand for quality Chapel Hill dog boarding facilities increases. However, with more discerning pet owners also come greater challenges that dog kennel owners have to overcome. Perhaps one of the most common issues that pet boarding facilities have is not…

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Dog Grooming in Chapel Hill, NC: Keep Your Lovely Pet Active and Healthy

June 11, 2018

While at-home grooming is an important bonding routine for dog and master, bringing your pet to a facility for some professional dog grooming is also ideal to ensure their health and allow a more trained eye to look into your pet’s overall hygiene and health condition. Dog grooming Chapel Hill NC is highly recommended for…

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Keep Your Pet Healthy and Clean with Dog Grooming Chapel Hill NC

May 16, 2018

Dog grooming is not just about having a good-smelling canine friend. It is essential for your dog’s health and physical looks, too. You might be able to bathe your dog yourself, but it takes more than just bathing to ensure proper grooming. So, you may want to occasionally bring him to professional dog grooming services…

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What to Look in A Dog Boarding Facility for Your Pet While Boarding?

May 12, 2018

Certain situations may require you to leave your dog to the care of someone trustworthy, such as when you are going on a holiday or a business trip, renovating your home, or being treated for or recuperating from an illness. Chapel Hill boarding facilities can be a better choice over hiring a pet-sitter or leaving…

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5 Things You Better Know Before Taking Dog Grooming Services in Chapel Hill NC

April 25, 2018

Depending on its breed, type of coat, and hair length, a pet needs dog grooming service in Chapel Hill NC about once a month. Grooming is not just for aesthetic purposes—it is also vital to health maintenance. For your beloved pet to enjoy a stress-free, pleasant, and complete grooming experience, you should make sure that…

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