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How to Plan – Prepare and Travel Comfortably with Your Pets

Can you imagine taking all your pets on a trip? It may be possible for some families, but if the trip becomes stressful for your pets, the experience can become traumatic for your cats or dogs and for the humans, too. Although there are cat and dog boarding services, you may still want to make an effort to prepare and travel comfortably with your pets. Here are some tips to help you with your planning.


If your pets are not used to traveling, take several short trips to help them get accustomed to car rides. Gradually increase the length of your trips to get them used to travel long distances.

Ensure proper restraints

Keeping your pets restrained or contained during the ride will keep them and the humans safe, especially in the car or public transport. Excited or anxious pets could jump or run around and cause distractions, resulting in injuries or accidents. Consider strapping their carriers to the seat. Make sure their carriers are large enough for lying down, turning around, and standing up.

Keep your pets well-fed.

Give a light meal to your pets three to four hours before leaving. While on the road, make frequent stops for scheduled feedings. Never feed them in a moving vehicle to prevent pet car sickness.

Pack an accessible travel kit

Include your pets’ health records and proof of recent immunizations. Bring all essential medications, bowls, regular food, water, and supplies for cleaning up after them, such as a scoop or waste bags.

Prepare proper identifications

Pet’s collars must have an ID tag with your cell phone number and home address, even if they are micro-chipped. Consider a temporary tag with your destination and phone number of your accommodation for longer holidays or trips.

If traveling with your pets is more trouble than it’s worth, you can always consider cat and dog boarding. Consider a reputable and family-owned pet boarding service with a good track record of providing a safe environment with ample room for cats and dogs to play, exercise, and relax while having access to personalized care and grooming.