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The Puppy Checklist: Essentials for First Time Pet Owners

As you decide to become a parent, you must be aware of the responsibilities that come with it. Parenting a puppy is equally challenging and overwhelming as parenting a human baby. Do extensive research and find out everything way before you bring it home! Look for what food is appropriate, learn about vaccines and find out the best pet groomers in Chapel Hill for complete grooming and care of your puppy.

Checklist for the New Puppy Parents

Prepare Mentally

Puppies are like babies that need full-time attention in the initial months. If you are too occupied with work and other things, plan things accordingly! You need to feed puppies frequently; you need to take them out for a walk and relieving more often. For all this, you need to mentally prepare yourself that you are ready to handle it all. If you are not available all the time, make sure there is someone else to fill your shoes.

Puppy Supplies

Stock up on essential puppy supplies before bringing your puppy home. It includes good quality puppy food, a gorgeous collar with a name tag, and your contact number. Furthermore, get feeding bowls, treats, anti-chew spray, and chew sticks. There are a lot of things that you need to buy.


They need to go out and socialize too! Making friends and playing with puppies of similar age is beneficial for their growth and mental health. If you can’t take them out more frequently to socialize, or you don’t have any fellow puppies in the neighborhood, there are other options for this. You can get in touch with pet care services or pet groomers in Chapel Hill, where they help your puppy with a fun socializing session.


You bath them and try to keep them as clean and fresh as possible. However, the grooming and cleaning done by a professional have much better effects. If not very frequently, plan on taking your puppy to expert pet groomers in Chapel Hill for a refreshing bath and trim. It will help in better growth and will keep your puppy in good, hygienic condition.

The most crucial factor is a lot of love and care. Give them your attention and warmth, and watch them become your best companions for life!