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Tips for Choosing the Right Cat Boarding Services

No one to take care of your cat on behalf while you’re away? Don’t worry—just look for cat boarding services near you. The right boarding facility will make sure that your cat not only has a clean and safe place to stay but also stays happy and active in your absence. Here are some tips on finding the right cat boarding facility.

  1. Ask around for recommendations.

Ask your fellow cat owners for recommendations weeks before your travel date, so you have enough time to visit and inspect prospective facilities. Ask these pet owners for their feedback on the overall quality of cat boarding services provided by the facility. Their reviews will help you assess if the boarding kennel is right for your cat. You may also try visiting forums or review websites, so you have more options to choose from.

  1. Choose cat boarding kennels that require proofs of vaccination.

Health and safety should be the number one priority of any animal boarding facility. The best ones usually require cat owners to show proofs of certain vaccinations, like anti-rabies. This helps them prevent the spread of disease between cats in the boarding facility.

  1. Take a tour around the boarding facility.

It is necessary to do this before you leave your pet with the cat hotel. Carefully inspect the place and talk to the staff. Is the place clean, safe, and properly ventilated? Keep in mind that your feline is easily sensitive to loud noise that may cause it to get stressed and refuse to eat. That’s why it is also important to check the noise levels in the kennel.

  1. Ask about the policies and other cat boarding services.

What happens if your cat becomes ill while you are away? Will they be able to provide proper care? Can you bring personal toys and preferred feline food? These are just some of the questions you need to ask before you decide on a facility.