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Tips to Help Your Dogs and Guests Get Along During the Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful for us humans because of the preparations we need to do. However, it can also be stressful for our dogs, especially if you’re having guests over. Even your friendliest puppy might be overwhelmed by the constant stream of people coming and leaving your home! At times, your dogs might get too stressed that they could make your guests uncomfortable or afraid of them. Some dog owners may consider Chapel Hill pet boarding to give their dogs a break, but if you want to make them stay and get used to people, then keep reading for tips to help your pets and guests get along:

Supervise or confine

Supporting your canines to make good decisions will set them up for success. If you know that they are likely to steal things from the counter, avoid leaving tempting food within their reach, and ensure they’re not left alone in your kitchen.

Remember this rule: supervise or confine. If you can’t fully supervise your dogs to prevent unwanted behavior, you should safely confine them to a safe area or a crate. You may also consider Chapel Hill pet boarding if you’ll be too busy with the guests.

Condition your dog to make good decisions

If your dogs tend to get overly excited when there are other people, it may be helpful to keep them leashed. Consider giving treats to reward them for calm and appropriate behavior, like settling down or sitting. You could also assign someone from your family to work with the dogs.

If your dog tends to get excited or disoriented when there are other people, you could put them in another room or a crate before guests arrive. Then, allow them out only after their initial excitement has subsided.

Give your dog some space.

Not all dogs can get used to having other people around, and they can get more stressed over time. In that case, give them a break and some space. Take them out for a walk or accompany them to a private and safe area. Short-term sessions with visitors instead of prolonged interaction with guests may encourage your dogs to make positive associations with other people coming into your home.

Tell your guests how to interact with your dogs.

While many people love dogs, not everyone knows how to safely and appropriately engage them. It’s your responsibility to tell your guests how you want them to interact with your pets. If there are kids, advise them not to interact with the dogs unsupervised. But if your dogs are not comfortable with guests, you can always count on Chapel Hill pet boarding to keep them comfortable and safe.