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Tips for Selecting the Best Cat Boarding Services in Chapel Hill

You love your cat so much, you wish you could take her with you wherever you go. However, certain trips or events might be inconvenient for you and your feline friend, so it might be best to leave her under someone’s care while you are away. Cat boarding services are good because they provide a caring and safe environment for your feline, with a well-equipped facility and a qualified staff to look after and care for her and provide for her needs. Consider the following tips for choosing the best cat boarding facility in Chapel Hill:

    1. Get to know who is running it – The best cat boarding services in Chapel Hill are those that are family-owned and operated, as they are able to provide personalized care and attention to felines all the time. Make sure that they have qualified caretakers who are experienced cat owners and lovers themselves. That way, you can be confident in their ability to look after your cat.
    1. Make sure there is a cat-only area – Some cat boarding services are shared with dog boarding, but responsible owners make sure to keep them separated from each other. Consider touring the facility itself to verify its cleanliness and layout. Cats can get stressed when in an unfamiliar environment that has unfamiliar smells and sounds, and the scent and barks of dogs could cause them to be anxious. There should be unique facilities where cats can play, eat, and sleep, too.
    1. Take note of the facility’s quality – A cattery must have temperature-controlled areas, and suites that are clean, comfortable, suitable for your cat’s size.

Compare rates and services – Find at least two different cat boarding services in Chapel Hill to compare their rates. Reputable service providers offer competitively priced overnight rates. If you want to board two or more cats, they can stay in one suite. Consider a service where your cat’s special needs are considered, too