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Some Useful Tips for Finding the Right Dog Boarding

Going on a holiday? Worried about which kennel to choose for your loving pet that will be staying back?

Well yes, that is something to worry about because you won’t want your pet to suffer when you are away; you always want the best for it. You are in a dilemma about which kennel to choose from the many in the market. Given below are some guidelines which will ensure that the kennel you have selected is the best for your dog.

  • The first criteria should always be hygiene because if the place is not hygienically clean, it can play havoc with your pet’s health.
  • Is there proper ventilation because ventilation is the first step towards hygiene.
  • Proper lighting is essential. It is as important for dogs as it is for humans.
  • With such drastic climate changes happening all around the world, it’s important that kennel too should have facilities to control the temperature so that your pet is not exposed to extreme temperature changes.
  • It should have facilities for all kinds of vaccines especially the vaccine for canine kennel cough (Bordetella).
  • Are there facilities for the indoor-outdoor run and a schedule for exercise? And is there enough protection of the areas from heat cold rain and snow?
  • Does the staff seem knowledgeable and caring?
  • Is there provision of beddings and resting boards so that the dogs may not be exposed to naked concrete floors?
  • Are cats and dogs housed separately?
  • Do cats have enough space to move around?
  • Litter boxes and food bowls should be kept at a considerable distance from each other.
  • How often are pets fed?
  • Are special foods and toys allowed?
  • Can the pet’s special food be brought by the owner?
  • What kind of veterinary services are available?
  • Are other services such as grooming, training, bathing also provided?
  • Most importantly are the staff professionally trained and are they compassionate dog and cat lovers?

How are rates calculated?

The above-mentioned list covers almost all the criteria for a good place to be chosen for your pet to stay in when you are away and kennels Chapel Hill, NC is one such place and this has been vouched for by many people who have entrusted the care of their dogs with these people. When the owners come to pick up their pets feel that the dogs have not only been looked after with love and care, but they have become healthier and better groomed.