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Why Grooming is Important for Your Pet?

Grooming is essential for pets. It is not just about making your pet look pretty. Grooming helps you tackle potential health issues of pets as well. Pet grooming allows you to closely monitor the activities of your beloved pets and anticipate potential health issues.

However, many pet owners do not understand the concept of pet grooming and find it difficult to do it by themselves. Some may have a shortage of time due to their busy schedule. In such conditions, it is better to opt for professional pet grooming services.

There are plenty of pet boarding facilities that also offer specialized pet grooming services at an extra cost. Your pet is groomed during their stay at the boarding facility.

Whether you groom your pet at home or take him to a professional groomer, you must understand the importance of professional pet grooming before opting for one. Some relevant information about pet grooming is given here.

Fur: Brushing the fur of your pet will reduce the hairballs. Cats and many other animals groom themselves by licking and the fur ingested this way can build up inside their stomach that they can vomit or eliminate in the litter box. This can also cause health issues if it is unable to regurgitate or eliminate it.

Eyes: The eyes of your pet must be clear and moist. Check for discharge, redness or cloudiness in the eyes of your furry companion. For any issue, take your pet to a veterinarian for an analysis. This will help treat any vision problem at bay.

Ears: Your pet’s ears also need a routine check. Professionals usually flip the ears, take a close look and sniff the ears to detect any issues. The ears of a healthy cat and dog should not smell. Any redness, inflammation or debris in the ears calls for an immediate medical attention.

Nails: Active pets usually do not need nail trimming since they wear out their nails on their own. However, most indoor cats and dogs need it since excessively long nails including the dewclaws on the inner paw can grow onto skin and toe pads causing pain and infection. Nail trimming can be intimidating for many people and it is better to take professional help in such a condition.