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Cat Grooming in Chapel Hill, NC

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Whether you have a long or short haired cat, grooming is always recommended to keep your pet happy and healthy. Take your cat to our groomer here at the Country Inn Kennel and Cattery to have it pampered.

Contrary to popular belief, cats love being in the water and can indeed be given a bath. In fact, bathing is essential to good grooming. To ensure a great bathing experience for your cat, our groomer fills a bathing tub in our grooming room with nice, warm water. Your pet is slowly eased into the warm water until it is comfortable. We then lather the cat with a special feline shampoo that is free of chemicals. To rinse, we dip a pitcher into the water then slowly pour it over the feline. Your cat is dried using a gentle, low volume dryer to prevent anxiety.

Our groomer at the Country Inn Kennel and Cattery accepts suggestions on grooming style requests. Simply tell us how you want your cat to look and we will take care of the rest. Our groomer is an expert in hand scissoring and can work with different breeds that require good grooming services.

Grooming has a lot of benefits. It is important for distributing natural oils to maintain the

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health of their skin and coat. It is also essential for getting rid of tangles before they become matted. Grooming is a great chance to check for fleas and ticks, too. It may even be part of a training program, as it can desensitize cats to being handled. Ear problems and skin abnormalities can be checked, and hairballs can be minimized.

Country Inn Kennel and Cattery offer reasonably priced grooming services. We use chemical-free shampoos and effective flea treatments to ensure that your kitty stays safe and healthy. Book an appointment with our groomer by calling 919-537-8885.

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