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Dog Grooming in Chapel Hill, NC

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Country Inn Kennel and Cattery believe that the key to a healthy and happy pet is good grooming. We are inviting you to bring your dog to our qualified groomer. We welcome any dog of any size and breed.

There are many benefits to grooming; in fact, regular pampering has been shown to improve the dog's mental state, behavior, and health. Your dog is sure to come home happy and smelling wonderful with the help of our expert groomer. Rest assured that we use safe grooming products that contain no harsh chemicals.

Before the process starts, our groomer will take time to get to know your dog and recommend the most suitable grooming care and services. Our expert groomer will also discuss coat and skin issues that you might have noticed on your dog. You will even be given tips on caring for and grooming your pet. In addition to this, our groomer will work with you to make sure that your dog is never stressed while bathing. We are extremely careful in handling all animals, and will consider any physical limitations your pet might have. Our goal is to ensure that your pets have an enjoyable and comfortable grooming session.

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Monday: 8 am to 5 pm
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Closed all major holidays

We offer Dog Boarding in Chapel Hill. We're truly the best Dog and Cat Kennel.

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Our grooming facility is well-maintained and very clean. Country Inn Kennel and Cattery is a family-owned and run business, so you can be sure that we maintain our facilities. We are passionate about dogs and are committed to giving them a stress-free and safe environment. Is your pet anxious about bathing and having its coat brushed? Don’t worry—we have the training and the facilities needed to help dogs relax during grooming.

Country Inn Kennel and Cattery offer grooming services at reasonable prices. Our groomers are very careful and have the gentlest hands. Schedule an appointment today by calling our office at 919-537-8885.

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